Back for 2017, Fantasizr has teamed up with BadQBing.com for this year's Bad Quarterbacks League!

BadQBing.com is a team of bad quarterbacking die-hards committed to covering those that play the NFL's paramount position most poorly. In addition to the score keeping duties, we will be providing additional analysis and commentary throughout the season.

While our team works on perfecting our own scoring system, the 2017 season will continue using the scoring system inspired by Grantland's Failure Machine. We've made a couple of minor modifications, primarily to the 24/7 scoring categories as we, for example, do not wish to keep track of every beef Trent Dilfer has with a QB, nor do we care! Please see the scoring rules in the section below for scoring details on information regarding public and private leagues. Scores will be updated by Tuesday each week.

On behalf of BadQBing.com, welcome to the 2017 BQBL! We look forward to all of the truly terrible quarterback play to come!

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Public Leagues consist of 8 teams composed of 4 NFL teams. Private Leagues can have a variable number of teams in a league, and a variable number of NFL teams on each BQBL team. These settings can be changed by the private league commissioner prior to the draft. By default, all teams are on the active roster each week. To change this in private leagues, enable "Manage Lineups" under "Edit League Info," and set your desired number of starting teams. BadQBing.com recommends 2 starters each week.

NFL teams are drafted, not individual players. Stats for all quarterbacks that play in a game will count toward the weekly score. 24/7 points are scored to the week beginning the Tuesday prior to games through the end of Monday, i.e., 24/7 points are scored for the days leading up to the current week's games. Any judgement calls on scoring decisions lie solely with the BadQBing.com Supplementary League Oversight Board.


Pass Yards TD (Pass/Rush) Event
≤100 25 0 10 Game-ending F Up 50
101-150 12 1 0 Benching 35
151-200 6 2 0 Defensive TD 20
201-299 0 3 -5 QB Safety 15
300-349 -6 4 -10 No Pass 25+ Yards 10
350-399 -9 ≥5 -20 Interception 5
≥400 -12 Turnovers Fumble 4
Completion % ≥6 50 ≥75 Rush Yards -8
≤30% 25 5 24 GWD -12
31-40% 15 4 16 GWD in OT -24
41-50% 5 ≤3 12    

24/7 POINTS Arrested: 50 points; Detained/questioned by police: 10 points; Practice/locker room fight (physical): 20 points; Apology press conference: 75 points; Penis picture electronic transmission: 150 points; Official vote of confidence from coach: 10 points; Bitching about his linemen: 10 points; Suspended: 50 points per game; Abruptly release the previous week's starter: 35 points; Team signs Johnny Manziel, Tim Tebow, or Colin Kaepernick during the season: 40 points

Profile Bio
C. Palmer
D. Stanton
M. Ryan
M. Schaub
J. Flacco
R. Mallett
T. Taylor
T.J. Yates
N. Peterman
C. Newton
D. Anderson
G. Gilbert
M. Glennon
M. Trubisky
M. Sanchez
A. Dalton
A. McCarron
D. Kizer
C. Kessler
B. Osweiler
K. Hogan
D. Prescott
K. Moore
C. Rush
T. Siemian
P. Lynch
C. Kelly
M. Stafford
B. Kaaya
A. Rodgers
B. Hundley
T. Savage
D. Watson
B. Weeden
A. Luck
S. Tolzein
B. Bortles
C. Henne
A. Smith
P. Mahomes
P. Rivers
C. Jones
J. Goff
S. Mannion
D. Orlovsky
J. Cutler
M. Moore
S. Bradford
T. Bridgewater
T. Brady
J. Garoppolo
D. Brees
C. Daniel
E. Manning
G. Smith
D. Webb
J. McCown
B. Petty
C. Hackenberg
D. Carr
E.J. Manuel
C. Cook
C. Wentz
M. McGloin
N. Foles
B. Roethlisberger
L. Jones
J. Dobbs
B. Hoyer
M. Barkley
C.J. Beathard
R. Wilson
T. Boykin
A. Davis
J. Winston
R. Fitzpatrick
R. Griffin
M. Mariota
M. Cassel
K. Cousins
C. McCoy

BQBL 2017 Week 2

  • 8:54PM September 19, 2017
  • BadQBing.com
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Modesty Prevails

After a red hot start to the season, scoring went down slightly for week 2. Let's take a look at who really showed what they were made of this week.

A cut above:


Mike Glennon, brother to the greatest VT quarterback of all time, Sean Glennon, is not a good quarterback. Chances are Mitch "I love to kiss titties" Trubisky won't be either. Mike is stepping up his game to out suck Trubisky though and has a clear lead over him. MIke nearly put up 300 yards through the air, but sack yardage dipped him below that 300 yard scoring penalty. That's where things stop being good for Glennon and start to get very bad. Bad like throwing two picks (1 returned for a TD), fumbling the ball, taking a sack and overall just a solid ...

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BQBL 2017 Week 1

  • 7:34PM September 13, 2017
  • BadQBing.com
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All of the preseason analysis pointed to this being a banner year for the BQBL, and BAH GAWD, Week 1 did not disappoint!


This week saw some of the best bad quarterbacking scores in recent memory, and featured seven defensive touchdowns off quarterbacks, and TWO benchings. Not bad for week 1! We’ll run through a few of the standouts below for this week’s recap. Also below is an explanation of some of the minor scoring changes from us at BadQBing.com for the 2017 season, for anyone who is interested.

To start things off, we go to IN-DE-ANNAPOLIS, where the Colts turned out a score of 117. With Andrew Luck still not ready to play (seriously, how is he not ready?), Indy turned to Scott Tolzien. Bottom line...

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1. Indianapolis Colts
2. Houston Texans
3. San Francisco 49ers
4. Cincinnati Bengals
5. Chicago Bears
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