Celebrity Big Brother shows the daily lives of 11 people, with hidden cameras and microphones capturing every conversation, every scheme, and every romance.

If there are new competitions additional points may be added/adjusted.

Scorekeeper: @carol30040


THERE IS JUST ONE PICK this time since it is a short season--- THE PICK IN BY WEDNESDAY February 7 at 3pm eastern. Before the first show!

Scores will be updated Feb 14, 21, and 28


Have Not : -2

Costume: -2

Houseguest wins HOH : 10 points
Houseguest wins POV : 5 points
Nominations: Houseguest is nominated: -5 points
Houseguest is removed from the block by the PoV or other means: +5

Safety or Special Power: +5   (if takeover HOH then 10 points)

Houseguest is evicted, evacuated or quits: -10 points

Houseguest becomes a controversial public figure during the show: 5 points (examples: TMZ, Access Hollywood, Late Night Talk Shows)

America's Favorite: 15
2nd place: 20 points
Winner: 30 points

Points are awarded for ONLY what makes the edit for the aired show. If you want to call the scorekeeper on her crap, send praise, make suggestions or otherwise engage she can be reached at: bigbrotherfantasizr@gmail.com or twitter @carol30040

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38 Former The Cosby Show Actress
44 Broadway Actress
49 Singer and Television host
38 Former NBA player
43 Reality television star
38 Television host
44 Actress

Celebrity Big Brother Round 1

  • 7:35PM February 25, 2018
  • Carol
  • Comments

I updated the Scores today 2/14  (not including todays show)

This is a running tally so they will be updated each week. (2/14, 2/21, 2/28)


Episode 1  2/7

HOH-Shannon 10pts

Special Power- Omarosa 5pts (Safety for picking star 5)

Episode 2  2/8

HOH-Keisha  10pts

Noms- James, Chuck  -5

Bonus-Omarosa talking Trump was in the news 5 pts (this will cover all Omarosa Politics News)

Episode 3  2/9

Punishments- Costume- Ariadna, James   -2pts

POV Shannon 5 pts

Eviction- Chuck -10pts

Bonus-Omarosa Hospital visit was in the news 5pts

Episode 4 2/11

HOH-Ross 10pts

Noms Omarosa, Keisha -5

Episode 5  2/12

POV-Marisa 5pts

Eviction-Keisha -10

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