Fantasy addict? A dedicated boyfriend who’s desperate to spice up his TV obligations? Or maybe just a diehard fan of the jitterbug and salsa? Regardless of your reason(s), The Roto Street Journal has your back with our newest fantasy offering: Fantasy Dancing with the Stars. Just as we’ve done with The Bachelor, Survivor, and Game of Thrones, we’ll be bringing the thrill of drafting, scoring, and trash-talking to America’s favorite dancing competition. We’re stoked to welcome Shamus onto Roto Street as the resident dance guru. As a professional ballroom instructor who couldn’t be more passionate about his field, he’ll bring top-notch expertise for your draft prep and weekly in-season coverage. Don’t miss out! But first, the set up. Read on and figure out how to create your very-own Fantasy DWTS League!


Recommended number of owners: 2, 3, or 4 (evenly divides the 12 contestants)

Scoring: Celebrities earn points two ways - Judges’ Scores and Placement. Judge Scores: You earn whatever points the judges award your celebrity that week, for as many weeks as they last. Example: Rashad Jennings scores 7, 7, and 8 after a solid merengue. You get 22 FPs.

Note- As the season progresses and contestants are eliminated, celebrities will get multiple dances per episode. To prevent this from tilting the balance too much, your dancer will receive whichever score is their highest that night.

Placement Points: Being likable is half the DWTS battle, and convincing America your vote-worthy gains you points in the following order:

Last Place = -20 FPs

10th or 11th = Zero FPs

9th, or 8th = 20 FPs

6th or 7th Place = 30 FPs

4th or 5th Place = 50 FPs 

3rd Place = 70 FPs

Runner-Up = 85 FPs

Winner = 100 FPs Draft:


Snake draft, so the last pick goes twice in a row. Example: 1, 2, 3, 4 4, 3, 2, 1 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1


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Profile Bio
With a backstory that's easy to rally behind and one of the top partners on his side, look for Bonner to last long and increase his scores as the season progresses. This cowboy is solid 2nd round pick with upside.
Charo's personality and showmanship will carry her for a few weeks, but not much farther, making her a non-priority in your draft.
While his routines will certainly be humorous, this doesn't earn points from the judges. Kattan does not project as a technically sound, nor long-lasting competitor, making him a late-round prospect at best.
David presents strong chemistry with his parent Lindsay, who's carried others before. Plus, he comes with the competitiveness and coachability of an athlete, which has benefited countless others before. Still, he's a complete unknown in a competitive field, and doesn't project the smoothest. Still, he's a worthwhile late round flier.
Erika will strut her stuff, but, with a limited skill set and poor likability against her, it won’t be in a final. Still, her partner will maximize her sex-appeal, and, as a late second or early third round investment, Erika should net a 6th or 7th place finish.
With her own dance experience and her partner Maks’ popularity, Heather has a recipe for a long, top-five run. Mastering the smooth, "Jazz and Contemporary" dances will be crucial, however.
Mr. T's personality and motivation in doing this for a children's organization will rally fans behind him. Still, his technical shortcomings will lead to low scores, and a fairly early exit, making Mr. T a lower-projected scorer.
Previous skaters on DWTS have effortlessly made their way to the finals and been crowned champion. Nancy has was it takes to follow in this footsteps - grace, poise, slightly older but in great shape, fan base. She projects for a lengthy run of steady point-production.
As a "hidden talent" with the perfect partner to develop and maximize his ceiling in Peta, Nick could ride his "Bachelor Nation" card to the finals. He's a high-ceiling second rounder.
Normani has all the ingredients it takes to make it to the finals and take home the Mirror Ball Trophy. Not only does she have some fire dancing under her belt, but she’s partnered with the hottest professional right now on the show - Val. She’s got a hot swivel, fairly sharp jig kicks and quite the body. She’s a must for your fantasy team.
If any guy can outdo this competitive field of ladies, it’s Rashad. Historically, the athleticism and footwork of football players have translated onto the dance floor on this show, making him a no-brainer in Round One and a serious threat for a top-three finish.
With her gymnastics skills and immense likeability, expect a top-notch finish for Simone. She belongs at the top of every draft, and is the favorite to win the whole thing.

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Top Players
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2. Normani Kordei
3. David Ross
4. Simone Biles
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