RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars will begin airing in Jan 25th 2018.

Before each episode you can pick a team of 3 drag queens.

The last selection is at the final 5 contestants.

Rules subject to change upon premiere and show format.


Challenge Wins 

Mini Challenge Win +5 Main Challenge Win +25 First Main Challenge Win of Season +30 5 Points for Surviving the week 

Lip Syncs 

+10 for winning -10 for taking your wig off during a lip sync. 

Drama +2 for crying in workroom/confessional +5 for crying on main stage in front of judges or anywhere in front of Ru +10 for being a member of a named clique “RoLaskaTox”/“The Healthers” (points awarded only once)

 Runway Looks +10 for Top Looks -10 for Bottom Looks

Rules subject to change upon premiere and show format.

Profile Bio
Brooklyn, NY
Season 9
9th Place
Seattle, WA
Season 6
5th Place
(Miss Congeniality)
Shreveport, LA
Season 8
4th Place
Dallas, TX
Season 7
4th Place
New York, NY
Season 6
9th Place
Ontario, CA
Season 2
8th Place
Los Angeles, CA
Season 2 & Season 3 12th Place (S2)
6th Place (S3)
Brooklyn, NY
Season 8
6th Place
West Hollywood, CA Season 7 6th Place
(Originally 11th Place,
Returns in Ep. 8)
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