The ninth season of RuPaul's Drag Race will begin airing in March 24, 2017. Before each episode you can pick a team of 3 drag queens. Your final team is selected at final 5.


Challenge Wins
Mini Challenge Win +5
Main Challenge Win +25
First Main Challenge Win of Season +30
5 Points for Surviving the week
Lip Syncs
+10 for winning
-10 for taking your wig off during a lip sync. (must be intentional)
+2 for crying in workroom/confessional
+5 for crying on main stage in front of judges or anywhere in front of Ru
+10 for being a member of a named clique “RoLaskaTox”/“The Healthers” (points awarded only once)
Runway Looks
+10 for Top Looks
-10 for Bottom Looks

Profile Bio
22 Brooklyn, New York
33 New York, New York
52 Boston, Massachusetts
35 Austin, TX
25 Johnson City, Tennessee
23 Las Vegas, Nevada
26 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
27 Las Vegas, Nevada
34 Riverdale, Georgia
37 New York, New York
29 Brooklyn, New York
27 Chicago, Illinois
31 Orlando, Florida
25 Echo Park, California
Top Players
1. Shea Couleé
2. Sasha Velour
3. Trinity Taylor
4. Peppermint
5. Valentina
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