Pat Mayo of The Fantasy Sports Network & RotoExperts.com will assign prices to each of the competitors; you will have a $100 (fake virtual money) budget to build your team of 5 Remember, you ONLY PICK YOUR TEAM ONCE.

How to pick a team:

1. Click “Play Now!”
2. Once you've created your team, click "Manage Lineups"
3. In the popup click "Set Team Lineup"
4. Select players then click "Finish" to complete,

Your #1 pick will receive a 10% weekly bonus.

Scores judged and posted by @cargileism

Player Prices
Ashley Kelsey $9
Ashley Mitchell $9
Camila Nakagawa $25
Cara Maria Sorbello $25
CT Tambruello $33
Darrell Taylor $23
Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio $41
Jordan Wiseley $11
Veronica Portillo $16
Wes Bergmann $28

Tia Blanco $16
Louise Hazel $30
Lindsey Jacobellis $21
Lolo Jones $24
Candice Wiggins $21
Gus Kenworthy $27
Shawne Merriman $21
CM Punk $9
Louie Vito $21
Kamerion Wimbley $21



Winning a regular challenge: 60 Points
Winning an elimination : 30 Points
Winning Challenge As Captain: 10 Points
Sharing Prize Money: 5 Points
Winning Final Challenge: 80 Points
Verbal fighting: 10 Points
Disqualification for reason other than injury: -30 Points
Contestant gives a toast: 10 Points
Dancing with Victor Cruz or making Victor Cruz Salsa Dance: 5 Points
Forming Secret Alliance: 15 Points
Nudity (butt or frontal): 15 Points
Open mouth kiss: 15 Points

Profile Bio
RW: San Diego
RW: Ex-Plosion
UFC Fighter/Former WWE Wrestler
Spring Break Challenge
Former WNBA Athlete
Fresh Meat II
RW: Paris
RR: Campus Crawl
Professional Skier and Olympic Medalist
RW: Key West
RW: Portland
Retired NFL linebacker
Professional Snowboarder
Olympic Hurdler and Bobsledder
Professional Snowboarder and Olympian
Olympian and Fitness Expert
Retired NFL linebacker
Professional Surfer
RR: Semester at Sea
RW: Austin

The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros Week 1

  • 4:53PM May 16, 2017
  • Daniel Young
  • Comments

Lineups are locked for all public leagues.  You can still register and pick lineups in a private league.

Top Players
1. Wes Bergmann
2. Darrell Taylor
3. Cara Maria Sorbello
4. Camila Nakagawa
5. Ashley Mitchell
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