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Note from Lanny Huang
WBC Structure:
Day 1-2 (Thurs-Friday 6/22-23): 60 baristas will compete. The top 12 will advance to the semifinals.
Day 3 (Saturday 6/24): The 12 advancing baristas will compete. The top 6 from this pool of 18 will advance to the finals.
Day 4 (Sunday 6/25): The final 6 baristas will compete to become the sovereign leader of our industry.

Fantasy League Rules:

Join the league here on Fantasizr!
-Players will hire a team (fantasy Café?) of 6 baristas from the 60 competitors.
-The combined salary of your team of baristas cannot exceed $2850.
-Teams will be awarded points according to their baristas’ scores and how far they make it into the competition.
--Each barista will receive points equal to their round score.
--Baristas achieving multiple scores over the three rounds will have their highest score count (i.e. in 2015 Charlotte Malaval scored 584.5 in the semifinals and 548 in the finals so her semifinals score would count)
--Baristas disqualified from exceeding the 16 minute time limit will still be scored according to their scoresheet total (including their time penalty)
--Baristas that advance from round 1 to the semifinals will receive a 15 point bonus.
--Baristas that advance from the semifinals to the finals will receive a 30 point bonus
---A Barista that advances twice will receive both bonuses.
The WBC Fantasy League was created by Lanny Huang and is sponsored by Sprudge. Visit them online at and keep up to date on all coffee sport scores and routines on
We are not affiliated with World Coffee Events.
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