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Tennessee - It's hard to say Rus could be a sleeper in this Tier, by looking at his stats, but he has really come onto the scene in the last couple years so he doesn't have as long a history of some of the other Hammers. Get this, in 2019 Rus fished 17 tournaments, on all levels (local, regional, national), and he only finished outside the top 10 three, yes THREE times. And, one of those was a 19th place (out of 461 anglers) at the KBF National Championship, another was an 13th (of 162) place at the KBF Trail Series at Guntersville and the last was an 11th (of 122) at the KBF Trail Series at Chickamauga. Oh, and he also won 5 times, 2 of which were on the National or Regional stage. Can he keep it up on the major tours in 2020? If he does, you'll be glad he was one of the Hammers anchoring your team!