Jaxton Orr


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Fort Wayne, IN - Orr is the youngest angler in the field. He's also part of the only father/son duo to make it into the game (w/ dad Jim Orr). Don't overlook his age, because this young gun is in here for a reason, and his stats can back it up! He's also earned respect in the final 2019 KBN Power Rankings, as he sits at #12. He's the current 2019 Indiana Kayak Anglers Champion, and has won 3 times on the IKA Trail. "Yeah but that's just Indiana" you say? Well how about this, he finished 7th at the Hobie BOS on Lake St. Clair and Kentucky Lake, PLUS he finished 4th at the Hobie Tournament of Champions! Will he further solidify his place on the national pro tour scene in 2020? If he does, you'll want this young gun on your team for sure!