Jay Wallen


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Lawrenceburg, KY - Hard to believe it has already been 4 years since Wallen held the title of KBF Angler of the Year (2016). Since then, he's continued to prove he's one of the top "Proven Pros" in the sport. Consistently finishing in the upper 15-20% Wallen is poised for another solid year!
Some of his recent finishes are below
*2019 KBF Trail Kentucky Lake- 2nd Place *2019 KBF The Ten- 3rd Place
*2018 Bluegrass Kayak Classic - 1st Place *2018 August KBF SCS- 2nd Place *2018 BKA July - 2nd Place *2018 July KBF SCS- 2nd Place *2018 KBF Open Mississippi River - 1st Place *2018 KBF Open Santee Cooper- 2nd Place *2018 KBF Trail Kentucky Lake- 3rd Place
*2017 KBF Trail Lake Cumberland- 2nd Place *2017 August KBF SCS- 1st Place *2017 KBF Trail Kentucky Lake- 2nd Place *2017 Hobie Bass Open- 1st Place *2017 KBF Trail Chickamauga Lake- 3rd Place *2017 Costa See What's Out there- 1st Place...> *2017 KBF Best of The Best- 2nd Place *2017 KBF The Ten - 6th Place