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Create your own fantasy league out of anything.

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About Fantasizr

Fantasizr allows you to build a fantasy league out of ANYTHING. Fantasizr uses traditional fantasy sport frameworks to "fantasize" reality tv shows, sports, co-worker attendance, i.e., anything..


Sports & Entertainment


Fantasizr for Business

Create a fantasy game with your staff as the players. Our fantasy engine can be tailored to your specific needs, with relevant business metrics replacing yards and touchdowns.

Increase your sales team engagement by tracking performance throughout the fantasy season. Fantasizr creates an easy‐to‐useplatform for incentives, fostering motivation and competition in a fun, interesting way.

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Fantasizr for Business

Fantasizr for Sports and Entertainment

Register to play in any of our public shows and games. You can create a league and invite your friends or play by yourself in a public league.

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Fantasizr for Sports

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