Survivor 44 Log

Survivor 44 Week 1

  • 8:27AM March 02, 2023
  • Charles Bergeron

Drop the 4, keep the 4 - We're back

Yam Yam scores the first episode title, he just can't wait to see Jeff! I have a feeling he's going to score quite a few of these over the course of the game.

Green tribe rolls both challenges, and Orange picks up a second place reward win - But Purple shows up when it counts and sneaks in at immunity.

Brandon scores a huge 20 immunity points despite this - +5 for finding an idol, +5 for playing it, and a big +10 for it saving him. The first correct idol play since season 40! Lauren and Sarah pick up their own fresh new advantages as well - and Jamie lucks into the first immunity from the shot in the dark, earning 5 points.

Tough luck for Bruce, he really gave it his all from the jump. Jeff said in his new podcast though that he was called and offered a chance to return, so the dream is alive! That's no longer true for Maddy though. A wild tribal, with only 3 votes cast out of a possible 6, and only one ultimately counting. Rough stuff.