Survivor 44 Log

Survivor 44 Week 10

  • 6:16AM May 04, 2023
  • Charles Bergeron

Full Tilt Boogie

+1 immunity points for idols in the pockets of Carolyn and Heidi! No points for poker-face Kane on the jury with Jaime's fake.

+5 reward points for Frannie, and +2 to each of the #momsquad for being brought along - Carolyn, Heidi, Lauren

+7 immunity points for Chaos Carson's 3d printer

Everyone should check out Maryanne's tweet about Frannie heading to Ponderosa

Other news: I will no longer be scoring this league as of Survivor 45! But it could be you, apply today on CBS dot com reach out to to put your hat in the ring. Or beanbag on the platform. Or plank in the staircase. You know what I mean.