Survivor 44 Log

Survivor 44 Week 5

  • 9:43AM March 31, 2023
  • Charles Bergeron

The Third Turd

Sorry for the late scores! Thankfully (and sadly), it's an easy week to score.

Carson, Carolyn, Jaime, Matthew, and Danny all get +1 immunity point for idols in pocket, jeez. As much as Josh may insist, he's not earning one for the idol he ordered from Wish.

Orange tribe continues to crush challenges, followed by green. Looks like we've got merge coming up (or earn the merge?), hopefully giving purple tribe a break from the beatings. 

Matthew, I drafted you as top pick in every single draft I'm in, having forgotten you were the one to climb and fall off that rock in the season previews. I'm hoping we get a returnee season before long and that Matthew comes back, some strong gameplay up to this point!