Survivor 44 Log

Survivor 44 Week 6

  • 9:53AM April 06, 2023
  • Charles Bergeron

Survivor with a capital S

We're back with the scores, despite a rare lightning ice storm in the area. Shoutout to my girlfriend for standing in a very specific spot of the living room during tribal council, to help boost our tv antenna.

+1 immunity point for idols in pocket for Carolyn, Danny, Carson, and Jaime. Carson and Jaime's idols were valid at the start of the episode, but are no longer, so that's it for their points. (No fake idol in pocket points, sorry Jaime)

Brandon, Carolyn, Carson, Frannie, Jaime, and Matt all win tribal reward/immunity points, thanks to Carson's 3d printer.

Pretty wild Josh kept up with the story of him having an idol, despite it literally falling apart last episode. And also telling some people it's not real? Regardless, the final pre-merge boot seems like an overdue one by the sounds of it. See you next week!