Survivor 44 Log

Survivor 44 Week 7

  • 12:45PM April 13, 2023
  • Charles Bergeron

Let's not be cute about it AKA The Papaya Gambit


Carolyn and Danny score their usual idol-in-pocket points - Honestly, I've got a suspicion Carson may have Matthew's idol. He had a chance to go back to camp before the medevac, and we see nothing of it, nor to our knowledge was it re-hidden. How will I score that later if true? Hmm.

Frannie and Brandon score the first individual immunities of the season - We're going to treat the winning half of the challenge as tribal winners for immunity (+4, aside from Frannie scoring 7), and being chosen for reward (+2, aside from Frannie scoring the full 5).

Heidi finds *and* plays the new control a vote, but to no success. Still, the rules as written, that's 10 immunity/advantage points. Half for the find, half for the play. Was it worth meddling in a vote unnecessarily, especially given it didn't work? Time will tell!

See you next week where some % of the tribe may or may not be safe and may or may not be able to vote.